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The mission of “Tech I Want” Association is to support tech innovations which improve people's lives in all areas. We constantly develop reliable sources of information on tech and environmental innovations, social impact campaigns and art projects. Our team of researchers, analysts and engineers facilitate startups and creative ideas to come to life. “Tech I Want” Association with an ID number 206108497 is a public benefit non-profit, which performs non-commercial activities only, in accordance with its mission.

Our main goal is to be a bridge between innovators, science and society in order to create better experiences for all stakeholders. is a tool to support and accelerate the development of creative projects, new products, services and processes based on more effective collaboration, in-depth analysis, fundraising, crowdfunding and campaigns to promote ideas.


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Our tech-oriented team is consisting of researchers, analysts and engineers, who have significant experience in crowdfunding and production. We thoroughly analyse all the available inventions according to a comprehensive methodology on crowdfunding platforms and provide the society and our followers with already filtered and selected ones- which we believe are a cut above the rest.

All of us are technologically aware individuals with a can-do attitude and a positive mindset. Our daily habits are to explore and discover game-changing world innovations. And to have fun. We are passionate about what we do, and we do it for the community.



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Innovations. Technologies. Solutions. We are passionate about the demonstrations and inventions which shape the future. Тhe events we have listed below are a magnet for world leaders and pioneering thinkers. Although we have no relation with their organisers, we have selected for you some exciting summits and conferences, in case you are still choosing the right moment for invaluable experience and vision about the time to come.

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    Campaign: How to Support Tech & Social Innovations

    What is innovation? The first thing we think of when we hear the word innovation is an invention, or sophisticated product, process, or service that adds new value or leads to some kind of improvement. We think of innovation as something new, useful, better and necessary.
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