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    In case you need to practise your expertise in benefit of the society, contact us. We need skilled professionals.

    The mission of “Tech I Want” Association is to support tech innovations which improve people’s lives in all areas. We constantly develop reliable sources of information on tech and environmental innovations, social impact campaigns and art projects. Our team of researchers, analysts and engineers facilitate startups and creative ideas to come to life.

    Are you responsible, tech-savvy and intensely inquisitive? Yes? Then we’d like to invite you to become a part of our team of volunteers. Together we will research, analyse, compare inventions, find out their compliance with our criteria, evaluate and share them with the public. That is your chance to work with a big team of researchers, analysts and engineers who have significant experience in crowdfunding and production. We are technologically aware individuals with a can-do attitude and a positive mindset. Our daily habits are to explore and discover game-changing world innovations.

    To apply, merely fulfil the form, and we hope to meet you as a part of our team!

    “Tech I Want” Association with an ID number 206108497 is a public benefit non profit, which performs non-commercial activities only, in accordance with its mission.