SSD Storage Solution

Your all-in-one ultra-high-speed

Providing more capacity with 7X greater speed

Up to 4TB Integrated Storage Capacity

While it's easier to organize digital files, you still need a place to store them. With its up to 4TB storage capacity, HyperHub advances your computing experience, offers unmatched value for money and ensures you have the required storage anywhere you go.

There is a big difference between fast and lightning-fast data transfer especially when every second is counted. HyperHub accommodates 1200Mbps powerful second-generation Type-C USB port to accelerate your file transfer tasks 7x faster than your typical HDD.

7X Faster Data Transfers

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Missing those connectivity hubs on your Apple MacBook? HyperHub combines USB-C port, 4K HDMI 1000Mbps Ethernet port, SDCard Reader and USB3.1 port to instantly increase your laptop ports and ensure maximum flexibility to you.

Multi-Hub Connectivity

All Your Dongles In One Place

Ethernet Port

wired internet connection with 1000Mbps network speed

40 Gbps high-speed USB to connect your Apple products to any device

Thunderbolt 3

USB-C 3.1 Gen2 connector to ensure superior connectivity with your smartphone and accessories.

Type-C USB

4K60Hz port to connect multiple monitors and play 4K video without delay

HDMI 2.0 Port

Second-generation USB hub high-speed data transfers

USB 3.1 hub

Fast and convenient way of transferring data with 300Mbps

SD Card Reader

Replace all your dongles with HyperHub and connect multiple screens, keyboards, mouses, and smartphones to your laptop.

Capacity Options to Boost Your Laptop

Offering 1TB, 2TB or 4TB storage options.

$109 $239

$189 $399

$339 $739

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Be the first to get your HyperHub 2TB with a super early bird price $189 $399

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Compatibility with Any Device

Featuring Thunderbolt USB 3 port, your HyperHub is the perfect docking station and external storage for any of your devices — smartphone, tablet or laptop — regardless of the system you use.

With 1000Mbps the Ethernet port of HyperHub, you will enjoy the consistent and faster internet connection required. Whether you are playing online games or streaming 4K videos, you may be better off with a wired internet connection instead of your standard WiFi. Enjoy the power of speed.

Stable Ethernet Connection

You will find HyperHub especially effective and productive when working with multiply displays. Powered with USB and HDMI ports, connecting an additional monitor or even two to your laptop has never been easier.

Enabling Dual-Display Connectivity

Durable and Lightweight Design

Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, HyperHub is the ultimate mixture of lightweight design, high performance, and unmatched speed. Small enough to put in your pocket, powerful enough to store anything — from photos to videos to your favorite games.


DC/DC Efficiency

Up to 96

Operating Temperature

less than 118°F (48°C)


4.7” x 1.97” x 0.43”

122mm x 55mm x 14mm


3.06oz (87g)

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Be the first to get your HyperHub 2TB with a super early bird price $189 $399

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