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The mission of “Tech I Want” Association as a public benefit non-profit is to support tech innovations which improve people’s lives in all areas. Our team of researchers, analysts and engineers facilitate startups and creative ideas to come to life. We have significant experience in crowdfunding and production. We share with the public successful ideas and stories. To stay informed and inspired, here we publish case studies, research, resources, and tutorials. We don’t have any relation with the mentioned sources of information, linked below. We welcome a variety of ideas from diverse perspectives and love to learn from industry professionals.

There are differences between ideas and innovation. Usually, innovation is the culmination of various things: a valuable idea, verified through a credible process, validated by innovative application, and properly implemented. The main difference between an idea and innovation is execution. It is always a good idea to have the general framework and overview before starting your execution. This resource with data from Europe might help.

Have you ever wondered how many types of innovation exist and how you will describe the nature of innovation? This study describes innovation like “invention,” “novelty,” and “change” and all of these lead to creating or inventing something new and valuable that produces broader effects in the economy and technological advances. The paper provides an overview of the most notable types of innovation in the last decades. It enables researchers and practitioners to navigate the complex web of innovation definitions and typologies.


Two resources for crowdfunding and the data behind it.

First. Crowdfunding – Statistics & Facts from Statista.

Second. Forms of crowdfunding and more – TheCrowdDataCenter.

Fundraising is a wonderful way to obtain extra visibility & project validation and build up a strong base of followers. It’s an excellent opportunity for engineers and entrepreneurs to facilitate early-stage start-ups and creative ideas to come to life. Besides the validation of their concepts, they could get essential market insights and social proof and feedback. What does the data say on the matter? The resources provide some information.