Our tech-oriented team is consisting of researchers, analysts and engineers, who have significant experience in crowdfunding and production. We thoroughly analyse all the available inventions according to a comprehensive methodology on crowdfunding platforms and provide the society and our followers with already filtered and selected ones – which we believe are a cut above the rest.
All of us are technologically aware individuals with a can-do attitude and a positive mindset. Our daily habits are to explore and discover game-changing world innovations. And to have fun. We are passionate about what we do, and we do it for the community.


Product Discovery Nerd

Some people “Google” words – at work, we “Jir” them. Jir has a talent for finding things, and he never stopped looking. It’s said he was born a few months early after he found the exit and decided to go exploring. You’ll always learn new ideas talking to him, just make sure you’re ready to take notes!


Product Analyst Nerd

We strongly suspect that Danniel might have USB cables coming out of his head. Not because of all the tech he owns, but because he’s always plugged into his laptop. He enjoys writing, explaining things and making people laugh. Thanks to his Mom and Dad of course!