Revolutionary Multi-Tool

Phone Grip

Milled from high-alloy heat-resistant chromium steel, TRING is designed with a mindset to provide you with unprecedented and the most convenient control over your device. Whether in the car, the crowded bus or subway, in the office or in your kitchen, it ensures unmatched convenience and flexibility.

Ensuring Unique Flexibility with 360° Rotation

Enabled with 360°rotation and 180°flip features, Tring ensures an adjustable viewing angle for convenient texting, reading, and watching videos. Rotate your smartphone as much, and as many times as you want!

Powerful Magnetic Force for Hand-Free Driving

The unique magnet technology locked within Tring'sTring's ultra-slim body provides a sturdy hold when linked to the magnetic claws mounted on the air vent of the car, keeping your phone from dropping, regardless of road changes and vibrations.

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Universal Compatibility With Any Device

Tring is the perfect solution not only for your smartphone, but any gadget you are using at the moment. It perfectly fits any smartphone or tablet.

Easy Bottle Opener

How many times you wanted a soda but didn't have an opener at hand? With Tring, you can easily loosen jar lids, open any bottle, and even parcels or boxes of your favorite beer.

More than a Phone Grip

Not only a revolutionary phone grip, but a reliable and useful tool in any situation

Unbreakable Wrench & Screwdriver

Built by high-quality steel, Tring packers various wrenches and screwdrivers ready to loosen nuts and bolts.

Compact Survival Tool

Coming with a sharp blade, Tring can be used for any situation, be that a car accident, trip in the woods, or in the hicking. Take your smartphone with you on any adventure.

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Useful For All Situations And Always With You

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